Custom Website Design Since 1999 / WordPress & Joomla
Our TEAM will do all the work while you concentrate on growing your business!

Services- custom website design

Our professional Team specializes in creating results-driven, small to medium sized business & professional websites.

  • e-commerce solutions

  • incorporating supplied images & graphics, modifying as required

  • searching for appropriate images as required

  • editing textual content to ensure keyword-rich balance & professional readability

  • open-source & commercially licenced components & extensions, installation & customization

  • effective & proven search-engine optimization SEO (built into our projects from the ground up)

  • premium hosting services

  • domain registration assistance

  • we can do your site maintenance, at competitive hourly rates, OR provide instruction to allow you to handle basic maintenance once the site is launched

In-House Graphic Design

Original graphic art for mastheads and logos for your website is created by internationally respected visual artist Rich Thistle, if you can't supply your own. Rich's fine-art background combined with his graphic-design skills and creative ideas allow us to give each site we build a unique web presence. The designs created can be formatted for expanded branding applications in other print media including:

  • business cards, flyers & brochures

  • letterhead & stationery

  • promotional product applications

  • graphic design for applications on vehicles & sign boards etc.

As a visual artist, Rich creates original work in acrylic and watercolor. His aviation art images have been published as limited-edition prints, posters and collector plates. Aviation originals are in military, corporate, museum and private collections world wide, and are featured on book and magazine covers in Canada, the USA and England, as well as being used in historical documentary films. Visit Rich's Studio Website.

Services -results driven solutions

Our TEAM has worked together since 1999 creating & building custom websites for clients in Canada & the USA.

Joomla is a customizable content-management platform with built-in, ease-of-use & extensibility, providing the technical applications & extensions to create results-driven solutions, benefiting clients at the cost level & the time it takes to complete a project. We use professionally designed themes & templates, which are customiizable & responsive for mobile devices. The platform can adapt, change, & grow with your needs, allowing adding or editing content pages, changing images & much more. We can integrate a large variety of plug-ins for effective development of anything you need, including:

  • individual user registration / login

  • retail / wholesale shopping cart sales

  • inventory management

  • subscription interface for database access

  • event registration

  • online data-input submission forms

  • online booking integration for professional offices / bed & breakfast establishments etc.

  • car-dealer content management sites

  • image gallery options

  • user communities / forums

  • integration with PayPal or other credit-card processing applications

  • integration with real estate MLS listings etc.

  • learning managment system (LMS) / online courseware

  • file exchange - uploading, downloading & storage of files by registered users

  • pop-up notice windows

  • site maps

  • secure email contact forms


Can I Learn to Manage My Site?

We can provide telephone training to teach you basic site maintenance, using the administrator interface. Depending on your 'comfort level' & computer skills, we can teach you to do as much or as little as you feel able to manage, such as edit, add or remove content text & add or remove images etc. For everything else, we are happy to do all maintenance required on your site, logged & billed at a competitve hourly rate. Most of our clients want us to mangae all of their site maintenance, leaving them free to concentrate on 'growing their buisiness'.

Services - premium hosting

Our host server is kept up to date with the most recent versions of all administrative & security software to protect your website.

Even though Joomla websites can be hosted with many hosting companies, not all are set up for CMS sites to operate properly and securely. A hosting service is one of the most important decisions you have to make before launching your website to the Internet.
We Provide Complete PREMIUM Hosting Service For Our Clients
Our premium services are offered at competitive rates. In order to keep your website operating properly and securely our server is kept up to date with the most recent versions of all administrative and security software. We make sure that hosted sites don't violate any laws or run services which could negatively impact the performance of the server and affect other clients' websites. Our servers are located in Canada with a 99.996% UPTIME record.
Services Include
  • large-capacity storage
  • nightly server backups as well as 3rd party location nightly backups of your entire site
  • timely implementation of additional server security measures as they become available or necessary
  • SSL Certificate for your site is included (this is an industry-standard requirement)
  • periodical maintenance to keep your website platform & installed administrative components & extensions up to date - time is logged & billed at an hourly rate
  • in the rare situation where your site is compromised due to malicious attack we will restore it as quickly as possible using the most recent nightly backup to avoid lengthy down time... at no extra charge
  • initial set up of email accounts
  • assistance with domain name registration
Services - SEO search engine optimization
Our years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will assure that visitors can easily locate the information, services or products you provide. There will be NO need for you to hire a 3rd party SEO company to optimize your website.
What Is SEO?
SEO is the term used for improving your site in relation to it's placement in search engine listings. A listing in the first few pages is essential to your site's traffic flow. The majority of sites receive visitors directly from search engines such as Google & Yahoo. We implement Google recommendations in the design of our websites.
SEO is really just COMMON SENSE combined with GOOD DESIGN principles and WELL-WRITTEN MEANINGFUL CONTENT. Without proper optimization your site could be ignored by the search engines which gather site content (text) to add to their database.
There is no wisdom in having a fabulous site, featuring all the bells & whistles modern technology can offer, which is buried deeply in query results because the search engines could not easily find enough relevant, keyword-rich, textual content to list the site effectively in their database. It really is that simple!
Beware Of High-Pressure SEO Companies
A professional, honest SEO company will not make 'page one' promises nor incorporate unacceptable or out-of-date practices to boost your site rankings. AND a reputable SEO company will NEVER distribute unsolicited emails or telephone calls, trying to get website owners to sign on with them, using promises of making your site #1.
Beware of companies offering up a list of erroneous, meaningless site stats to back up their attempt to scare you into parting with your hard-earned money, to allow them to manage your site's SEO.
Optimization alone CANNOT guarantee your site will be on page one or in the top three page results.
Yes, it is advisable to 'tweak' your content keywords, keyword phrases or meta tags from time to time, if analysis shows that people are searching for your product or service using different or additional words etc., but this does not have to be done every month.
And never fall for ..."We will submit your site to 1000s of search engines & directories for a fee". This is NOT necessary because the search engines will find your site very quickly, after it is launched, all by themselves. There is NEVER any need to pay anyone to submit your website to any search engines.
Proper optimization & a link to your new site on our website portfolio page will ensure that your site will be listed within 3-10 days in the search engine databases, without the need to pay for inclusion. It will then come up in the listings if people use any of the keywords or phrases included in your site content & meta tags. We build all our websites with optimization in mind, using methods recommended by Google.
Bottom Line!
If your site is properly designed & optimized, with well-written content, utilizing keywords & keyword phrases relevant to the products or services you offer, & designed to be easy for site visitors to navigate, then the search engines will like it as well.
A well-optimized site will achieve successful 'organic' results. The only way to guarantee page-one placement is to pay the search engine for it through one of the advertising programs they offer.
And please keep in mind that, even if your site pops up on pages 1 - 5 in a search on any given day, it will not show up in the same position the next day because those results are governed solely by the search engine algorithms which fluctuate CONSTANTLY.
If you really need your site at the top of the first page in Google you should hire a marketing expert & pay Google. It will cost you less than paying for SEO quackery!
SEO May Not Be Enough.... You Need Social Media & Search Engine Marketing Strategies!
Social Media Networking is a key element in marketing success on the Internet, so you should consider hiring a reputable Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Social Media Marketing (SMM) expert to help you come up with a workable strategy to effectively market your business or service using social media.

Services - site maintenance

We can look after your website's maintenance, while you concentrate on growing your business.

  • adding or removing content or images
  • installing additional extensions, plugins & features
  • modifying site layout to accomodate new features or content etc.
  • updating software running the site as newer versions are released & deemed necesssary for the smooth and secure running of your website
RATES: $75/hr. logged as work is done & billed when the amount reaches a size worth invoicing.
NOTE: We provide hosting & site-maintenance services ONLY to clients we have designed websites for.