Website Design Services Fees

Fees & Payment Options

We incorporate both open-source and commercial applications to provide cost-effective, competitively priced solutions for even the tightest budgets.  Our experience, professional design and technical skill sets are employed to build your website at an affordable cost.

Site Design Costs Determined By

  • time required to research & test appropriate extensions & administrative components for your site
  • graphic design if required
  • number of images used & whether they require stock photo fees or custom editing etc.
  • installation & customization of extensions such as shopping-carts, event calendars, image galleries, course-ware, directories or other specialized applications
  • volume & complexity of content pages
  • proof-reading & editing if needed

Possible Additional Costs

  • Layout and color theme changes, additional content pages or other work requested during the project, which was not included in the original quote, may incur additional cost and will be added to the final bill.
  • If you do not host your site with our hosting service and we run into installation issues with the hosting company you choose, there will be an added cost for the extra time we spend accomplishing the launch of your site. NOTE: When using our HOSTING SERVICE there is no added fee to get your site launched and set up.
  • Once your site is launched and your final bill is settled there are NO ongoing fees other than hosting costs. If we are asked to provide site maintenance such as removing, modifying or adding content / images, installing applications and features not originally included in the website, we keep a work log and bill at a competitive hourly maintenance rate. Most sites do not require more than occasional content maintenance work and if you host with us, we also perform periodic upgrades to extensions running on your site, as well as the Joomla or WordPress platform, when critical updates become available. We log the time required to do that work.

The Platform Your Site Is Built On

  • Sites are built on WordPress or Joomla!® (CMS) content-management platforms, using responsive, mobile-friendly templates, customized to suit your project requirements.
  • These platforms offer almost unlimited add-ons, either as part of the original design requirements or added at a later date as required.
  • We use commercially available and open-source applications depending on your requirements, compatibility with other programs running on the site and cost effectiveness.
  • We can teach you to manage basic tasks on your site once it is launched, using an administration interface.

Payment Schedule

  • billing in Canadian Funds + GST/HST for Canadian residents
  • 30% of the project cost is required when work begins (non-refundable) with balance paid when site is launched
  • you own the site when completed - no additional fees, aside from annual hosting fees, your annual domain registration renewal fees & any site maintenance required going forward

Tight Budget - Cash-Flow Issues?
Ask Us About ...

  • a phased project
  • an extended payment schedule

Payment Options

  • E-transfer
  • PayPal
  • Personal Cheque - depending on circumstances we may require a certifed cheque or bank draft

Maintaining Your Website

  • We offer complete maintenance services for sites we've designed, including adding or removing content or images, content editing, upgrading the platform, components and extensions installed to run the site etc.
  • Time is logged @ $75 / hr. and billed monthly, quarterly or annually as required.


We offer reliable, competitively-priced, premium-service hosting for our clients OR, you can choose another company to host your site, but they must be capable of handling the CMS platform your site is built on.

How Do I Get a Quote?

We offer complimentary project quotes reflecting the unique requirements of your project and the solutions for the extensions needed. Whether you need a small brochure-style site, a professional site, complex e-commerce shopping cart or corporate site, we will build it on time and on budget. After telephone consultation, scheduled at your convenience, we will formulate a quote, detailing everything included in the price. We do our best to provide your quote in a timely manner.